Yes, This Too Shall Pass

- During this bizarre and unprecedented time, I'm not exactly sure how to feel, think, or act. Most days, I go about my new semi-isolation routine and take this all in stride, which is my usual default position. However, a few times each... Read More

My Favorite Positive Emotion: Forgiveness

- I bring you Post # 3, originally published on March 29, 2017. While I was researching ideas for my blog, Persephone Rising, I came across an interesting study by George Vaillant, a Harvard researcher and physician. His research melds... Read More

Finding Compassion

- I’ve been thinking a lot about the current economy of the U.S., especially through the lens of life in a big city.  All I hear these days is how well the economy is doing — unemployment is down, consumer confidence is up, and people,... Read More

Escaping the Closets of Our Own Making

- In honor of World Pride Month, which culminates this weekend here in New York City with the NYC Pride March, I wanted to bring a touch of gay sensibility to Persephone Rising, and I found the perfect piece for you. Ash Beckham gave a... Read More

On a Journey Through Grief

- I was heartsick to hear that my Uncle Allan died last week. Allan was my father’s younger brother, and beyond being my mother’s brother-in-law, he was also a close high school friend of hers. My parents each had one brother. My parents... Read More

What’s Age Got to Do with It?

- It's now 4:48 pm on Friday and I still haven't decided what to post this week!   It's been a long, exhausting week and the time just slipped by. I decided to look into my back catalog of blog topics and re-post one of them, but I... Read More

Exploring the Swampland Of the Soul — Shame

- For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about the topic of shame and its relevance to living in the 21st Century, as I thought it might be an interesting topic to explore. In my research, I came across a TED Talk on the topic of... Read More

2019: What If Women Did Disappear?

- Hello Friends!  Like Persephone, the eponymous heroine of this very blog, I too have taken a four-month winter hiatus (although not as the queen of the underworld, though that might be interesting). Due to foot surgery, an office move,... Read More

Meet My Friend — FEAR

- I used to live in San Francisco, and while there, I made a very nice life for myself. But after 13 years, I began to feel a pull, an urge, a desire to move across the country to New York City. Several of my friends had relocated there, and... Read More

How Dare You Speak to Me Like That

- This week, I had a long and intense conversation with a friend about the state of her life and how she seemed to derail every opportunity that came her way. She constantly created roadblocks to success and wanted some guidance. After our... Read More