What’s Age Got to Do with It?

- From time to time, my intention is to introduce my readers to some of my favorite inspirational philosophers, theorists, and deep thinkers, and today I’d like to introduce you to Marianne Williamson. A number of months ago, my dear... Read More

Tick Tock, Are You on the Clock?

- If you were to ask any of my friends, “What are some of Chris’ positive traits?” (notice, I wrote "positive," without that adjective, you might end up with a litany of not so praiseworthy qualities), I’m sure “being organized”... Read More

What’s Age Got to Do with It?

- It's now 4:48 pm on Friday and I still haven't decided what to post this week!   It's been a long, exhausting week and the time just slipped by. I decided to look into my back catalog of blog topics and re-post one of them, but I... Read More