Tick Tock, Are You on the Clock?

- If you were to ask any of my friends, “What are some of Chris’ positive traits?” (notice, I wrote "positive," without that adjective, you might end up with a litany of not so praiseworthy qualities), I’m sure “being organized”... Read More

This Too Shall Pass

- On a Wednesday in September 2001, my mother, Joan, passed away unexpectedly in upstate New York. She was only 66 years old. I was in my office in midtown Manhattan when I got the call from my sister, Lisa. The sense of sickening dread and... Read More

What’s Age Got to Do with It?

- From time to time, my intention is to introduce my readers to some of my favorite inspirational philosophers, theorists, and deep thinkers, and today I’d like to introduce you to Marianne Williamson. A number of months ago, my dear... Read More

I Am No "Aryan from Darien"

- This past Monday was one of those spectacular summer days — high-70s, light breezes, a nearly cloudless sky, and no humidity. I didn’t have a specific plan for the day but I knew that the “dog days of summer” would be returning... Read More

A New Epidemic in the U.S.?

- Are you suffering from exhaustion (even after a good night’s rest)?Do you have a difficult time handling stress?Are you craving salt, sugar, and/or fat?Do you find the cold unbearable?Do you have a reduced sex drive?Are you experiencing... Read More

To Be or Not To Be? That Is Not the Question...

- We have become a society that is so focused on getting the job done that we sometimes forget that the journey, and who we are as we travel on that journey, is as important as completing the task at hand. Here's the deal: we don't get a... Read More

How Dare You Speak to Me Like That!

- Last weekend, I was invited to spend a few days on Fire Island at a friend’s beach house. I haven’t been to the island in over a year, and given the crazy weather and my schedule, I haven’t left the city for an extended period of... Read More

Are You Ready for Action?

- Many of my posts have been in the vein of the philosophical, the theoretical, and the metaphysical — lofty themes meant to tap into your deep thinking in order to help you understand how to change your life and achieve your big goals and... Read More

Let’s Get Physical...and Mental??

- When I was deciding on the topic of the week, I realized that I’ve only written one post with a Mind/Body Connection theme, which is one of five areas (categories, in blog parlance) that I intend to explore. That one particular post —... Read More

And Now for Something Completely Different…

- For this week’s post, I had my subject selected, I had my research completed, and I was halfway through writing the piece, but yesterday for some reason, I suddenly changed my mind and decided to write about a completely different topic... Read More