Your Investment

"Chris Shuff is incredibly generous with his talent and his spirit. And as a coach, he takes a pragmatic, action-oriented approach while keeping your dream alive."

Life Coaching is an investment in your most precious resource, YOU! 
And it’s an investment that will benefit you through your entire life,          
because you’ll have the tools and techniques to succeed
time and time and time again… 
In fact, research has proven that people are 95% more likely
to achieve their goals with proper coaching.

  DreamBuilder Boot Camp

    The 13-session intensive includes all program materials 

    (embossed box set with 16 audio lessons, workbooks, guided meditations, and more.)            
 I offer One-on-One Private Sessions or Group/Team Sessions in the DreamBuilder Boot Camp. 

The DreamBuilder program gives you the most “bang for your buck” by far due to the value-added materials it provides and the fact that the multiple-session Boot Camp (13) is priced with my greatest discount. I offer a variable pricing structure, depending on the program you select, and the structure of our sessions. If a client commits and pays the full amount for the package upon signing up, I offer an additional 10% discount. 

  Individual Sessions

Coaching sessions vary from a one-off session, pay as you go, or booking a multiple-session package (5, 10, 15, etc.)
The higher the number of multiple sessions in a package, the greater the discount. 
As with the DreamBuilder Boot Camp, if a client commits and pays the full amount for the package upon signing up, I offer an additional 10% discount.
For more information about the programs that I offer and the pricing structures, please contact me at the information below to set up a no-obligation complimentary consultation.