About Me

"Christopher is a true professional. I have worked with several coaches over the years and as a busy, Type A, successful professional, I found that Chris really helped me find focus on what truly matters to me in my life."


Prior to Life Coaching, I had a satisfying 25-year career working in the nonprofit sector in senior management as:
• management advisor • fiscal researcher • publisher • editor • creator of professional development programs
I led dynamic, impactful, and consistently top-level initiatives by partnering with American Express, Target Corporation, the Urban Institute, Center for Creative Leadership, Johns Hopkins, Duke, and Virginia Tech Universities, among others. 
I knew I was making a difference in the lives of the professionals that I served, and my work helped sustain the nonprofit community. But in the early 2000s, I realized that I was burnt out and longed for something else-a new adventure, a new challenge, a new purpose.

     However, like many of us, I was STUCK.

     I tried to change my circumstances,

     but I didn’t have the tools & techniques to do so.

     I couldn’t even articulate what it was that I did want,

     but I knew I had to live my life 


     I needed to reinvent myself.

One thing I did know for sure: my dream job had to include two key core values — making a difference and helping people. I went back to an idea that I’d considered for many years, life coaching, but never pursued. I hired a Life Mastery coach, and through the DreamBuilder Boot Camp (the very one that I now teach), I discovered my passion, my mission, my purpose.

     That was my A-Ha moment...

     life coaching fit all my criteria, and  

     I realized that was where I wanted to invest

     my time, my money, and my  energy!

I received my life coaching certification from the Life Mastery Institute, studying with world-renowned life coach, and founder Mary Morrissey, along with her top-notch faculty. It is there that I learned the elemental steps to achieving amazing results and transforming your life.
Once I started my practice, I knew I had found my destiny.  I genuinely do understand when clients say they’re looking for a change, but don’t know what it is yet, or how to achieve it. And I have the skills and the knowledge to help them move forward and bring about those changes.

     When a client has a breakthrough,

     and I see their own A-Ha moment...

     Well, it’s an amazing experience!

They start to shift their thinking; their mental blocks that were keeping them stuck, slip away; they see themselves and their lives in a completely different light; ultimately, leading them to create lives that they desire & deserve!

As for my creds:

Life Coaching Certification: Life Mastery Institute
B.A.: International Relations, Lake Forest College
Certificate: Int'l Relations, Filozofski Fakultet, Zagreb, Croatia